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confused-chicken1Every second, half a child is born in the world. Er, I mean, a child is born into the world every two seconds. This statistic cannot be trusted, but I swear it seems true. I’ve just been seeing a lot of babies lately. Friend’s nephew, nephew’s kid, kid’s little sister, and so on. Sometimes, I think I’m growing too old to have fun anymore.

So, where have I been these days? I’m not posting anything new, I haven’t been commenting regularly, I’ve been ignoring my comments and not replying, and I’ve completely ignored MirrorCracked Labs. There’s a logical explanation to all this and no, it’s not, “…too much work.”

A few days back, I realized that I’m a man with too much ambition. I was aiming for the stars and falling short quite terribly. I decided to hold myself back and aim at the moon instead. It’s not that having too much ambition in life is a good thing – it’s just not fair to live life optimistically. Too much optimism is really bad for the health and wellness of an individual. That’s why I change my underwear twice a day, and when I was busy trying to balance myself on one foot, trying on a bright blue underwear, I toppled over and fell, hitting my head on the bed.

Luckily, no bones were broken. But I did have a revelation. I decided to give in to pressure and accepted an invitation from Manipal University to write a paper for their communications fest. I wrote a paper on Web Entrepreneurship, which got nominated, and now, I’m a delegate on my way to present my paper in Manipal on the 26th. I could really have done without more traveling in my soon-to-be nomadic life, but that’s just my luck.

Anyway, I’m leaving tomorrow for Manipal. I’m recording my talk, and if technology permits, I’m gonna post it up on the blog when I return. I miss the blogosphere. Sigh.

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