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I thought Egypt was one of those chilled-out countries, a distant corner of the world where people were worried more about the sandstorms than politics. All those vague novels about Egypt where the protagonist talks about how he/she walks about in the desert looking for mummies and other scary relics from the past. I never for an instant thought Egypt would be a country like any other – where politics and people don’t mix.

It was quite depressing to see the news the other day with so many people revolting and killing each other, all because of some arcane political rules. This was the one country I was actually looking forward to visiting, but then, I guess I will have to shelve that idea for now.

I do feel for the poor souls who have endured this nightmare for the past few days and I write this post as a mark of respect, condemning the uprising and the inability of the existing political leaders to quell the revolt. If you want to show your support for Egypt, go ahead and ‘like’ this post and leave a comment. What more can we really do but voice our thoughts?


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