2008: The Final Odessey

Sir Arthur C Clarke passed away today in a hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka, after a long suffering illness. He was wheelchair-bound for most of his last years and was ninety years old when he died.

My favorite author, he was the man whose books opened my mind to the heavens and the secrets they hold; the man who shaped the face of science fiction forever. Maybe now, he can see all that he had dreamt of, first-hand. Time cannot constrain him any longer.

May his soul rest in peace.

Here’s a link to the CNN article about Sir Arthur C Clarke’s demise.

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

One thought on “2008: The Final Odessey

  1. … one man’s imagination shaped the imagination of so many others!
    May his soul rest in peace.

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