Roam Shanti, Roam!

SPOILER WARNING: For folks who haven’t seen the movie Om Shanti Om, I am constitutionally required to warn you that this article contains a plot spoiler. But, as I am a decent human being, I admire your restraint. You’re not missing anything by not watching the movie. Read on.

“He was a junior artiste. She was a star. For some dreams, one lifetime is not enough…”

The tag line of the movie should’ve been a clue. I missed it. And I’m still regretting it. I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it. Farah Khan has done a good job of “re-introducing” Shah Rukh Khan into Bollywood stardom, if you know what I mean. I haven’t seen a Hindi movie for a very long time. My last one was Guru, which I saw with Shuz back in B’lore. But before that, it had been a hiatus of almost three years. I am a bit naïve when it comes to the nuances of the language, and my best Hindi has been: “Bhaiyya, aapka sabse bada chaddi dhikao!” (Brother, show me your biggest shorts!)

You get the picture, right? (No puns intended!!)

 Om Shanti Om was a bit of a shock to me initially. I took a really long time to grasp the flow of the story, and Vatson and the others were too busy laughing their asses off at the antics of SRK on the screen. The storyline was a bit too strange for my liking. Rebirth and revenge may have been a great theme back in the “Mona Darling” days of Bollywood, but now?? Well, to be fair, Farah Khan deserves a good applause for doing a decent job of it.

To my dismay, I completely lost the story when Shah Rukh Khan came back from the dead. I was half expecting him to be a zombie of some sort, and hoping against hope that Bollywood had finally  entered the Zombie Movie Era. It was not to be.  The movie had to be stopped at every song and explained to me by the others, who were, at one point, read to throw me out into the cold.

In the scene where SRK is going around in the dark, burnt-down theater, searching for the bad guy, the sound of a flushing toilet or a smiley face etched on the wall, or better still, the original SRK, who’d have died there popping out of the ground like a ghost would have been so cool!!!

Which brings me to my biggest question: If Deepika Paadukone can come back as a ghost in the end, why couldn’t SRK??? I’m confused!

So, the spirit of Shanti roams around in the dark theater for almost thirty years, waiting for the off chance that SRK can be reborn and drag the bad guy there to exact their revenge, and trust Farah Khan to be there at the right time to capture the event and make a decent yet soporific movie out of it.

Roam Shanti, Roam!  The world is your oyster. Don’t forget to put the seat down once you flush.

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

10 thoughts on “Roam Shanti, Roam!

  1. 😀

    You should know by now that we never do things without reason!! If watching that movie was fun, reading this was much more so!!! We’ll keep up our good work, you keep yours!!!

    Ek aur potboiler, masaledaar, pakao Hindi movie ho jaay???? 😉

  2. @Vatson
    I’m game as long as you ca assure me I won’t die of boredom halfway through the movie. 😀

    Why do you hate me so much??? 😀

  3. u need to have a certain degree of hotness to come back as a ghost. unfortunately, srk, with all his abs, isn’t. deepika on the other hand is. so she comes back. and he doesn’t.

  4. “Bhaiyya, aapka sabse bada chaddi dhikao!”

    someday ill get me one of those machines which allow you to make those “its great being 8″ or ” vote for pedro” badges

    and so when i do, may i please use that line?

    i thankyou with crossed fingers in anticipation of demand.

  5. ha…no other idiot will click on the tag deepika except me…anyway..guess your hindi is better than mine…but i still managed to watch the movie….i thought movie was a mock on the old classics…but it was funny…and well see the ghost of srk jumped into om kapoor but that of deepika didn’t have anyone…it was just bugged of stupid humans…:) and well anko mei what you see…cannot be sahi in reality 🙂

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