I got my old phone back!! Yippeeeeeee!!

Ok, I got carried away. I apologize. When I went to New York a year ago, I left my lovely sleek camera-less Moto flip phone with my younger brother for safekeeping. Of course, I should have known better. He disposed of my SIM card and got a new Airtel number and started using it. I expected this, obviously, having lived with the jerk for nineteen years. But what I didn’t expect was his resistance in giving the phone back to me! I hounded him for four weeks and finally, after a lot of blood and sweat, I got my baby back! Here’s what transpired:

Week 1: I asked him nicely. “Please give me my phone back.” He refused and ran out the room.

Week 2: I tried bribing him. “I’ll give you a hundred bucks if I can have my phone back!” He scoffed and said, “I’ll give you two hundred to drop the subject!”

Week 3: I tried stealing it. He had left it home and gone to college. I exchanged SIM cards and tried to start the phone, only to realize the jerk has activated a security code! Bah!

Week 4: I tried wrestling it from him. My neck is still weak from the choke hold he applied for ten minutes as I passed out.

Week 5: I emotionally blackmailed him. I promised to buy him a brand new drum kit if he gives the phone back to me.  He relented after bargaining for an hour – one drum kit, one carton of chocolate ice cream and a brand new Moto flip phone next month. I looked at my phone, resting in his hand, being held hostage. I never negotiate with terrorists, but my lovely phone had been through enough. I couldn’t bear to see it tortured anymore. I agreed to the jerk’s demands and said yes.

Now, I’m broke, he has a new drum kit and I have my phone back! All in all, a very satisfying deal.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, today’s his nineteenth birthday. Happy birthday, terrorist! 😀

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

27 thoughts on “Moto!!!

  1. haha! funny. reminds me of some of my tussles with my younger brother. You can imagine what it is like for a 16 year old to have a younger brother who is 12!! 🙂

  2. Yihhahahha, I know how it feels to MAKE someone (mostly elder brother) negotiate like this. 😀
    I know because I am younger one 😛
    Happy birthday to Terrorist, from another Terrific Terrorist. 😀

  3. Well. Nikhil. Am the youngest @ home, I do have an elder bro. It was a wonderful post, made me nostalgic, those thousand times when my bro bribed me for all that not-so-good-things-to-do done. Its really good to have a brother who is at least negotiable. Just imagine what my bro would have experienced with me.
    Anyways, Its good to grow up with brothers, especially younger ones, you lucky, feeling J of you.

    My heartiest wishes to your terrorist little bro, Happy birthday dude. Have a fun-filled birthday blast.

  4. I completely understand! All the years spent being a pampering older sibling…aargh! Though I’m sure you secretly enjoy being the ‘provider’:-)

    A very happy birthday to the terrorist!

    P.S. NOW who’s blog’s turning into a birthday blog, huh!

  5. If your brother can make you get him a drum kit + a new phone + chocolate ice cream, he’s too good in this business!! Really ! The maximum I can get from my elder sis is a Corner House Treat or something like that 😐

    I too am the younger one!! Younger siblings are brainy na? 😛 Never under-estimate our blackmailing capabilities !! It is soo advantageous to be the younger one in the family.
    ( You’ll always remain ‘the YOUNG ONE’ no matter how old you are ! 😀 )

    I always flick my sis’ stationary ( architects get *mad* when someone steals their To-Die-For stationaries !! Mind you !! ). Other than flicking stuff, there’s always the “Blackmailing” technique that works.
    I got a pair of All Star Converse Shoe from my sis when I threatened to tell amma ‘something’ the last time 😀

    *Buhahahahahahahha* —> to you !!

    Happiieee Birthdayy to your brother !! Btw, does he read your Blog ? :-/

  6. Nice one Nikhil. I like the way u introduce humour in every post of urs 🙂 I have become a regular visitor here !

  7. @Nita
    hehehe!! yes, indeed! I think I speak for all elder siblings in the world – IT’S FRUSTRATING!! 😀

    the terrorist thanks you! 🙂
    and you’re a younger sibling, huh? You have no idea how much torture it is for us! 😛

    The terrorist says thanks! 🙂
    and yeah, in a way, i am lucky i guess… 😀

    Not this phone!! the sentimental value alone is around $4,000…!! 😀

    learning from the veteran, i am! 🙂
    and i DO NOT enjoy being the provider..!! i’m flat broke!! 😛

  8. Duh…

    I can never emotionally blackmail my elder brother. Simple reason… we both are non-emotional guys. We have a nice laugh when a car/ship/plane crashes in a fultoo action movie.

    About flicking stuff… we don’t have any… Lol.

  9. @Priya
    You’re the younger one too, huh!? Should’ve guessed! hehehe… you young kids are irritating! especially ones who love rock music! 😛

    I’m glad you like it here, man! I’m honored! 🙂

    Interesting! Very interesting! hehehe… Maybe thats the best way to avoid sibling rivalry! 😀

  10. This was a great story… glad you have your phone back… I can relate… I grew up with two sisters…

    Sounds like you have a great relationship with him… as I have with my girls…

  11. Phones are so personal. I always buy the one that comes with the plan. What does that say about me?

    A funny story. Brothers are outrageous, especially this story. Happy Birthday to a spoiled rotten brother!

    and thanks for your comments on my poem.

  12. Awww such a sweet thing to share!!! Obviously the blog surfing gang is going nostalgic!!! You guys are so lucky to have so many memories attached. I have just a few as my elder bro is almost a decade older to me. So we never got too friendly. And now I have lost touch with him.
    Hmm feels like I am missing out on few things in life.

    But btw you spent so much just to get your phone back? Wow……..thank god you’re not an ombudsman!!! Or else people would have cringed with your dealing……
    And cool coincidence one of my close friend (almost a sister) had her birthday on 15th too..Good…
    Belated Happy Birthday to the naughty younger sib from another not so naughty sib 😉
    fruity 😉

  13. Ah.. i can understand what it feels like to lose you cell..
    My Nokia 7610 got conked when in Goa, as water shorted the board.

    I couldn’t resurrect my cell.. and i’m without a cellphone for two weeks now..
    And life seems better without cell 🙂

  14. Oh I know what you are talking about. I have been a victim myself. 😐
    I have been beaten and verbally abused so many times by my younger sister that I don’t feel the pain anymore. 😀 The moment I disagree with her, she starts slapping me and twisting my ears. *Sigh*
    I completely sympathise with you. 😦
    And say Happy birthday to your brother. 😀

  15. @Enreal
    I don’t know what it is like to grow up with sisters… But yeah, I think the relationship is what counts… 🙂

    you should know by now that I’m among the first to read your posts! 😀
    and well, taking the phone that comes with the plan is probably the path taken by someone who doesn’t want unwanted tensions in life! 😀

    You don’t have to feel sad that you’ve lost out on a lot in life… You’ve experienced much much more, and be happy about them… 🙂
    Your elder bro, i’m sure, loves you a lot, and given a chance, he’d wanna pull your hair and pinch your cheeks just to make you smile… 🙂

    Life is so much better with a cell phone… its like being in the stone ages! 😀

    Your younger sister seems to be a girl of spirit! Be careful, she might make you cry one day! 😀

  16. hey nice post 🙂 congrats ! u finally got back your beloved one 😉 after a quite expensive bribe 😛
    btw sandeep’s been pulling it off without a cell ! i am pestering him to get back one ! the reasons he cites r hilarious !

  17. I think i’d post a blog about my days without cellphone 🙂

    which i hope would not be in the near future.. 😉

  18. lol ..that was a funny post ..i am younger one…never tried to do something like that ..
    now that i got an idea …my elder sis is abroad…
    anyways..did u biuy him that brand new mob set ;P
    wish him happy birthday on my behalf

    complete 6-7 stories from ur book …. so i guess u have to wait for my review..
    but i loved each story till now .. 😉

  19. Belated bday wishes to ur terrorist
    U r so lucky to have such a brat as ur brother .. 😆
    My brother wud never do such a thing he even share the chocolates that he got 😀
    What u give is what you get in case of respect 😛
    anyways u did such a mistake on leaving it with ur brother n if u had a master plan for the 3 rd week plan , u wud have succeeded 😀

  20. @Meghana
    I understand his plight… Goan waters can be quite harmful! 😉

    I’m waiting… 🙂

    You’re welcome… If its smiles and laughter u want, you’ve come to the right place! 🙂

    My pleasure, machi! 🙂

    Gee, thanks man! I’m glad you liked them! 🙂
    And yeah, if your sis is abroad, this is your chance!!! Go for it!! And no, haven’t bought the new set yet… I’m broke after buying that drum kit.. So, i’m waiting for the next paycheck to buy the phone! 😀

    Thanks! Yeah, i know! unfortunately, he turned out to be smarter and stronger! 😀

  21. Ha Ha Funny post!
    Though the younger ones behave the terrorist way, we miss them so much when they are not around isn’t it?

  22. @Amit this is the first time I’m knowing an elder brother getting bullied by a younger sis…mostly whether its elder or younger brother, he bullies the sisters.

    @Nikhil I have an elder sister and we share the most wonderful relationship. Like two peas in a pod..No blackmail no bullying..always partners in crime and we both are glad we don’t have a brother. No offence to guys!

  23. @Veena
    Yeah, so true… I guess fighting is our way of showing our love.. 🙂

    My god, you’re everywhere!!! hehehe… thanks for being so vocal! I like such opinionated ppl!! 😀
    No offense taken… I’m glad i don’t have a sister!! 😛

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