Time Sheets!!

ecently, the concept of time sheets was introduced at work, and since then, it’s been utter chaos. Well, almost. We are supposed to document each minute we spend in office, fill everything out in an excel sheet, explain what we did and which client we worked on, and at the end of the day, send it across to the team leads. Well, I thought this was a cool idea, and would be an impetus for people to actually do some quality work. But things didn’t go that well with the others.

Some people are vehemently opposed to the idea of documenting their daily routine. One guy in particular, whose name I shall withhold for personal protection, claimed that the time sheet was the management’s way of “spying on us” and that he was “always a rebel and would continue to rebel against everything!” 😀

There was a huge discussion in office about this concept, with members from each team present and voicing their apprehensions and doubts and a few positives. I was sitting back, enjoying them argue and scream at each other. Here’s a little excerpt from the debate:

A: Hey, I think the timesheet concept is cool, and this will help all teams know where they are slacking and how many actual man-hours are being dedicated to each client.

B: No!! This is a disgrace!! I will not enter my time sheet!!

C: Why not?

A: Yeah, why not?

B: I don’t want to be spied on! I do quality work and I will show it in my outcome! I can’t sit and document how I spent my day! No!!

C: Well, I don’t –

B: And moreover, this is a creative industry, not a technical one or a log factory, where every minute can be properly accounted for. I will not do it!!

C: Actually –

A: Hello boss, listen. How will the management come to know that you’ve worked for the proper eight hours that you’re paid for? This is the only way!

B: No!! I will not do it!

C: In that –

A: You’re being stubborn!

B: You’ve seen my friendship, now you’ll see my hatred!!

C: Can I say something?

A, B: Sure

C: I didn’t pee today because I was standing near the printer thinking of how to get my work completed. Because of this timesheets, I can’t think straight.


Well, this went on for a few more minutes before B threatened A and C went to the loo. I was sitting there, laughing my ass off at this hilarious conversation! Ever since I’ve been working, I’ve had to do timesheets and so, this concept isn’t new to me. But, there’s a logic in all this debating – we are in a creative field, with more time spent on thinking new ways to service our clients, and there’s no way we can quantify creativity. However, I think there’s a limit to being a rebel. Rebelling just for sake of doing it is just being plain stubborn! But resistance to change is a lousy excuse, anyway! 😀

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

24 thoughts on “Time Sheets!!

  1. @ Nikhil: I think your colleague has no idea what he would have had to do if he were in a consulting firm or worse, a law firm. I used to share offices with a small law firm for a time. Their time-sheet software was open in the background at all times, and they used to fill in every 15 minutes of work done, whether it was admin or telephone calls or research or drafting or answering emails. Amazing discipline!

    I used to think I should get that software and install it but then I realised I do a good job of time-keeping anyway since I have commitments coming out of my ears, so no choice really.

    He may find himself sidelined or worse, outside the firm if he continues to be a rebel without a cause. That role only suits Jimmy Dean.

  2. Hey Nikhil…
    amazing stuff…enjoyin all your posts..keep rolling them in….

  3. Shefaly, I think Nikhil works in some consulting company actually.
    Nikhil, If you need any help regarding to filling timesheets, ping me, I have an extensive experience of filling timesheets in extraordinary ways 😀 My PL used to get headache while reviewing my timesheet 😛

  4. @ Suda: It may surprise you but I do know what Nikhil does for a living and calling it a typical consulting outfit would be a stretch 🙂

  5. so u guys all fill it truly 😛
    I was thinking about the time sheets that teachers ask us to fill while at home .with parents sign ..n it was real fun , I learned my mothers sign 🙂

  6. Well, in my company, filling timesheet means filling 8hours in 5 boxes in a software and saving it at the end of each week. Simple. But filling it every day is something unheard of. I will jump out of the office if I have to do that. 😐

  7. @Vishesh
    No, I don’t work in an ad company! 😀

    wow, that is real hard discipline! every 15 mins?? amazing… And yeah, that rebel had a good smack behind the ears today by the mgmt… so, now, he thinks that the time sheets are the best thing that has happening to him! Its amazing what a simple threat can do! 😀

    Welcome to MirrorCracked! Glad you liked the blog.. Keep visiting! 😀

    Blogging is an essential part of my job!!! hehehe… 😀

    hehe… I will definitely take your help for it!! 😀
    I wanna fill my time sheets in a very confusing way too! 😀

  8. @Shefaly
    Amen! 😀

    hahaha… yeah i remember the time we used to do these in school.. I think i used to scribble dad’s name in the report cards too 😀

    hehehe…. excused! 😀

    I’m on my way to doing exactly that!! 😀

  9. I should fill out a time sheet for one day, just to see how I waste time. I’ve always been a school teacher until this last year. Every minute was so full of work I would have had to fill out a time sheet while eating, or worse.

    Probably all the teachers, myself included, would have filled it out after the fact, just to save time, then the administrators would have filed them away, as proof that they too did what they were told.

    To rebel for the sake of rebellion is useless and wasteful. But I have to admit, the time sheet concept sounds very boring, and not at all creative.

  10. Rebelling just for sake of doing it is just being plain stubborn! But resistance to change is a lousy excuse,

    Very true, Well I never had a liking for time sheets from God knows when, jus work, enough.

    Anyways, good writing dude. started liking you blog, Well just keep checking whenever i could, since am working now, I couldn’t frequent,

  11. ^^^^
    Sandeep : ROFL !! Rightly said.

    So you havent put up ‘blogging about the girls you meet at clubs and restaurants’ in your Time Sheet ??!!

    TIME SHEETS ?? Sounds so kiddish !! The ones they make nursery children do !

  12. @Mariacristina
    First of all, I like your new profile pic… Looks real cool! 🙂
    And yeah, it would have been interesting to see what you’d have written… And time sheets aren’t meant to be creative, unfortunately… Necessary evil, according to me! 🙂

    No probs man! You’re always welcome, anytime you wanna peep in… Yeah, some ppl just rebel and think that they’re always right… I really hate such ppl…

    I am a PR guy… Blogging is an essential part of my job… I do PR online too… hehehe… But someday, I’d like to blog about charming cute girls for a living! 😀

    Time sheets may sound kiddish but you’ll realize they’re a necessary evil.. .that’s the only way you can be assessed… 🙂
    And as I told Sandeep, someday… 😀

  13. there are macros to fill time sheets. run them and ur work would be done. or u could enter them manually, take one hour of ur time… and u can fill that one hour in the time sheet as well!! hows that?

  14. For us timesheet is a software that just takes 5 minutes to fill in and our job is done…….it is a good idea to incorporate to calculate man hours and productivity rate and ratios as per other sections/deptts. I agree its bit difficult for you -being part of creative industry where its not possible but atleast a rough sketch can be given in timesheet…..its good for ourselves too wherein we can look into details of past tasks we did-its too helpful while filling in Appraisal forms…and not to forget we have a tool called-Copy Projects that can copy past pre selected time hseet inputs in to the current one….which is a 15 seconds thing!! voila

  15. @Balu
    No macha… wanted to… But couldn’t find a reasonable thing to enter in to “Comments” column! 😀

    I’ll end up spending 3 hrs trying to figure out how the macros work… and how do i enter that in the timesheets! 😀

    lol… nice! Wish we had such systems here! 😀

    hehehe… I am in Public Relations… Lemme guess, you’re a journalist? 😀
    In that case, I come in peace! I am not your typical whiny, needy PR guy! 😀

  16. Naah…am not a journalist (wud’v lovd tu be, but no employer shared th emotion :P) so well, thts how i ended up being a copywriter 🙂 (similar stuff i do…i lie thru ads and get them published–along wid a lotta other lies–in the biggest lie factory called ‘media’ :P)

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