Me, Brand Factory!

Whew! Finally!

Shefaly tagged me on May 27, 2008 with a meme that proved to be as elusive as my sanity! I finally found the time to finish the tag, that had been sitting patiently in my drafts folder all this while! 😀

The meme is about branding – to capture the role played by different brands in our lives, on a day-to-day basis. For me, a typical day would involve somewhere close to a hundred different brands in various situations, starting with my user-friendly underwear to the ever-present pair of glasses. I’ve made a very amateurish collage of all the brands I use in my day-to-day affair and very optimistically, I’ve added my own grinning picture in it, hoping that one day in the far future, I’d be a brand! 😀

Click For The Bigger Picture! 🙂

WordPress plays a major role in my day, followed closely by VIP underwears, Dettol Soaps and Hanes vests. I use Colgate toothpaste in the morning and listen to 91.9 Radio Indigo. I smoke ITC cigarettes and I own a Dell computer. I have a Titan watch and I wear Arrow shirts. I have a Moto phone with a BSNL connection. I sometimes steal my dad’s Maruti car and at other times, I drive my own Bajaj bike. I use Bausch & Lomb glasses and wear Woodlands shoes. I handle Intuit and SQL Star as my clients and I drink Kingfisher beer. Oh, I almost forgot – my commode is a Parryware product and I write with a Reynolds pen! 😀

Since I’m very interested to see the responses of a few people, I tag Bina, Fruity, Ruhi, Reema, Scorpria, Deepsm25 and RJ

Cheers! 🙂

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

21 thoughts on “Me, Brand Factory!

  1. i donno what tags are becoming these days!
    well brands are everywhere…and well i think i might take a leaf out of ur book for ad-zap 🙂

  2. @ Nikhil: Finally! 🙂

    This one is eye-opening especially for those who claim not to be addicted to shopping, people like me, that is.

    As a marketing major, I was particularly keen on examining trends. It seems more and more of Firefox and less and less of IE; more Macs than expected; much WordPress; and a lot of Colgate – and these are global trends.

    Thanks for doing the tag. Memes are otherwise becoming too egotistic and almost a competition in looking virtuous… :-/

  3. Awesome tag !! 😀

    “I’ve added my own grinning picture in it, hoping that one day in the far future, I’d be a brand!”

    ROFL !!

    Beer Brand right ? 😉

  4. hahaha…
    “I’ve added my own grinning picture in it, hoping that one day in the far future, I’d be a brand!”
    yea…thr’d probably be blogsites like 😉

    have posted my tag-responses too

  5. Aiyyo rama! another one! I will become a meme/tag queen…I’ve so many in my drafts! And its nice u r v interested but u dont expect us to give same details naa 😉 😛 😛

    //I’ve added my own grinning picture in it, hoping that one day in the far future, I’d be a brand! :D// trust u to do smthg innovative!!

  6. @Vishesh
    Hahaha!! Go ahead! 😀

    It’s a tag, tag world! 😀

    😀 😀 😀

  7. @Shefaly
    I know! I know! I try to be as un-egotistic as possible while doing tags, ironic as it may sound after reading this! 😀
    But the trend u talk about, its true, and its a very valid trend… some brands are simply better than others… 🙂

    Beer!! Yay!! Imagine going into a pub and asking for “Nikhil Beer”..!! Oh my god!! That sounds soooooooo awesome!! 😀 Vijay Mallaya, move over, asshole! I’m here! 😀

    I love that website!! I’m gonna create it soon! 😀

    Lol… i know, too many tags going around.. .I still have one pending in my drafts… Dunno when i’ll post it! 😀

  8. @Nik – “my commode is a Parryware product” – we were really interested to know this 😀 😛 – hey btw, your VIP is the VIP frenchie or the VIP designer. I somehow feel the desinger is a bit gayish. 😀 😛 – perhaps your website i.e. when we see you and your grinning pic as the logo of the company 😀 😛

    LOL! You crack me up dude!

  9. @Nik – Dude I just realised you tagged me…Y dude y? I cans till do the brand business. Check my post and the questions you gotto answer – lol! Its crazy stuff to write about “I”

  10. Woooww….I dont know when you are gonna get my responses on this one..but surely start working on it right away….!!! Mann!!!! Its not even been easy to keep updating my blog..all this whileesp after my vaccation..but will definitely work on it…! Wrong person to be tagged…! Phew!

  11. //Oh, I almost forgot – my commode is a Parryware product and I write with a Reynolds pen! :D//

    HAHAHAHAHAA…..yes we were dying to know your commode brand……..and what about your trousers?? Hheeheee..

    RFOL 😉

  12. @RJ
    its VIP Frenchie… yeah that designer is way too gay! 😀
    And dont worry, I’ve done that “I” tag myself… hehehe… took up a lot of time, but it was fun! 😀

    Whenever I wear trousers (which is rare) I use trousers that are stitched! not branded ones! 😛

    I’m a patient guy… I’ll wait for your post! 😀 Take your time!

    inborn talent, madam! 😀

    hahaha!! commodes play an important role in our lives, don’t they? it’s unfair if we don’t mention them… hehehe…

    Windows, though I’m not fan of it… I don’t like mac either… Linux is ok… I’m still waiting for that operating system that blows me away! Sigh…

  13. @ yaake a.k.a nik :
    its raining brands already in bangalore… and u’ll definitely put fire into people’s bellies if they are not brand crazy…

    i’d love to steal ur glasses and shoes… but riding my bike wud become difficult, a tinted visor and a cruise bike forbid me from using shades and thick-soled shoes…

    Tell me where u can buy Hanes vests man… i gave up on vests two years ago unable to find a comfortable one… lemme see if Hanes can help me…

  14. @Lekhni
    Hanes sells very well in India… And I would be a brand of beer! 😀

    hahaha!! well, you can buy hanes from any of the Brand Factory outlets, and also in big bazaars, forum mall, oasis… 😀
    all the vest, er.. er.. i mean, all the best! 😀

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