Maintaining Moron-ness!

Life has become mundane! Nothing exciting is happening! I want something earth-shatteringly exciting to happen within the next 24 hours or else I’m going to go stark raving mad! 😀

I am used to a life of misfortunes, muggings, bandit queens and strange smells. The past few days have been very very ordinary. I need to spice things up a bit! Any suggestions!? Please?

Being a moron isn’t easy. There’s a lot of hard work that has to go into it to maintain that amount of moron-ness. People have to irritated, friends have to be annoyed, songs have to be ruined, decency and clothes have to be shed at important occasions and most importantly, common sense has to be abandoned. I’ve been very successful in this over the past 24 years of my life, and now, for the past three days, I have been strangely subdued. I don’t like it!

Help needed!

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

49 thoughts on “Maintaining Moron-ness!

  1. lol 😀

    What happened to that neighborhood night club. No more beer offering – pic – clicking escapades??? 😀

  2. You can do one very very unusual thing for you:- “Don’t drink beer for two weeks”. You will go mad and will find your peaceful life again. Or go to GOA and beaches. Or come to Pune and I will give you wrong address so that you can run around like little lost child Or go to primary school near your home and sit there for a day singing with them Or put on a “til” “big mole” like old bolywood movies so that no one (even your parents) recognize you.

    need more?

  3. Hmmm then whats stopping u???

    You’ve got a new RAM??? If not then how about those late night-torn short escapade??? Try someother location this time and meet new policeman this time 😀

  4. Didnt you mention that everytime you drive you get yelled at… or you can rekindle the timesheet thing… come on Nikhil you dont need ideas you just need inspiration 😀

  5. dude… i too am stung… xams ended last friday and my head is like a clogged sanitary pipe after that… too much of stink…. i want to go for a looooong ride, but no company…. bought a mobile on my bday (first one) and thts not keeping me high either…! 😦 i am actually thinking of starting a strip club…. r u in? 😉

  6. –> Get Drunk OR
    –> Go to a temple and pray OR
    –> Meditation/Yoga OR
    –> Go on a blind date via OR
    –> Put up your profile on matrimonial sites and hv fun with the offers you get OR
    –> Get Drunk .. Ewwww .. Did I repeat it again?? .. Yeah, then I guess it’s the best option !!

  7. My suggestion is: start a blog where you can write fiction. No, I am serious. I write a lot of fiction myself but don’t publish it (unless it’s already published somewhere in print) and I find it a great way to express my thoughts and penchant to fantasize!

  8. @Suda
    I am NOT a cross-dresser!! 😛 😛 😛
    Though I might consider your offer of Pune… 😀

    @ S
    Hmmm…. Gotta think on it!

    Very true! I need inspiration!! 😀

    Yes! We are made for each other! 😀

    Strip club, eh? You want me in as a stripper or as a partner in crime!? 😀

    good ideas, all of them! You tend to repeat yourself a lot..! 😛

    That’s an idea! Very intriguing! I might consider that! But the only thing that would probably stop me is the fact that I hate having to many blogs to keep track of! 😀

  9. Do something much strange, unusual, exciting… Why don’t you relax and find a very interesting hobby? Live happily!!! If you need some help for it, I AM HERE! 😉


  10. @ Niks and Nita

    First suda and now niks… why you guys are giving me competition by writing fictions! 😛

    @ Niks .. sleep you moron-ness to the end! once u wke up, probably there will be “somethings” hip and happenning.

  11. @Smallstar
    Thanks for your support!! I shall keep you posted on any quirky thoughts that happen to grab me! 😀

    Oh, most definitely, FOR..!! 😉

    Good idea, though I can’t sleep for more than 6 hrs at a stretch! 😀

    Good idea! Let’s post it together! 😀

    You’re back!!!!!! Welcome!!!! 😀
    How was your holiday?? (I’m guessing it was a anti-burn out holiday) 😀
    And No. 1 on the list sounds pretty intriguing! Sadly, can’t club that with No. 10..! 😀

  12. Nikhil:

    Yes I am back and need a holiday to recover from the holiday 😦 C’est la vie! Much food eaten at much height. I am working on a post with photos etc.

    Yes, cannot club 1 with 10. What to do? 😉

  13. Thinking of something interesting… How about starting a photography blog. Click pics whatever you like and publish them online. I was actually thinking about that.
    Inspired by Suda… 😉

  14. @Reema
    Phhbbbtttt!!! 😛 😛 😛

    Holiday from a holiday! hhehe!! Poor you! 😀

    Interesting Idea, man! I’ll think about it!

  15. @Nikhil: would you want some advices? I’ve done a post that can be useful to you! 😉 *HUGZZ*

  16. @nikhil
    hmm what happened to u dear 😦
    almost the same thing is happening with me too these days .hope ur nt feeling the same as u do , i feel pathetic , i have atleast one test everyday n dont know whatz happening around me while at class .things are all going wrong 😦 , i dont write ,learn ,watch ,work or even eat wid passion 😦
    one way to get rid of the prob is to love ur life.. 🙂
    well dont ask me how 😀

  17. @Nik – Dude we all thought you in love, having pastries, changing RAM etc! What’s wrong? 🙂

    Bali is a good option 😀 😛 wat ya say? I am sure we can manage some sponsored tickets 🙂


  18. so u wanna do somthng crazy—hmm…invite your friends over for dinner, lock them in, get a DVD of Jimmy, Love story 2050, Tashan, Race and watch it back to back with them !!! 😀

  19. i know ,i know ! u shud get ur eyebrows threaded n ur arms waxed 🙂 rofl !

  20. maybe get even ur chest waxed 😛 and wear a pink sleeveless tee 😛 n go to a bar !!!

  21. haha………this is really a very big problem…….even i’m passing through the same stage……….but i’ve decided to join in a coaching center where i found out that the ratio of boys and girls is 1:10…………
    I think i can a have some fun here

  22. @Smallstar
    Thanks!! I read that!! 😀

    I knowwhat you mean…. It’s hard to love your life when it sucks! I’ll try, though..I hope you find that passion! 😀

    Hmmm…. Sounds like good advice! 😀

    Are you nuts? You’ll get me killed, dude!! 😀

    Gay Pride Month is over!! 😛

    LOL..!!!! Let’s discuss this over beer! 😀

    Okie! Will do! Thanks.. 🙂

    I am already a big clown! This would just reinstate that fact… 😀

    Ooooh!! 1:10..!!! Nice!! Very very nice!! I envy you man! 😀

  23. BEER?? i am not into it actually (yet)… 🙂 how does it feel like being drunk… come up with a post abt it man… lemme see if i can try it out… 😛

  24. @Nikhil: eheh I hope that will be useful! 😀

    have a great and ‘extreme’ day, darling! *HUGS*

  25. @ T
    Hehe.. Thanks man! Relaxation going on! 😀

    Hahaha… good idea… You should get into beer… It’s really healthy! 😀

    Thanks sweets! I hope I do too! 😀

  26. Ummmm…what about you running outta office today??:-P

    I’m sure you’ll have a story to tell tomorrow with a lotta spice:-)

  27. @Smallstar
    Guess what? I actually did! 😀

    You’re right, man! 😀

    😀 😀

    hehehe!! No spice, only chocolate-covered pastries! 😀

  28. Hello!
    You wrote the book ‘untitled’ right?
    Is it up in the market, ’cause I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    As for the moron-ness, well, everything in life can’t be un-moronish can it? You need some balance! 😀

  29. @Raghavtalwar
    Welcome to MirrorCracked! 😀
    Yes, I was the unfortunate fool who wrote that book… It was released a year ago and it’s sold out… Not on the stands anymore… 🙂
    And yes, I need balance. My idea of a balanced diet is a beer in both hands! 😀

  30. a tour to kerala may be ? yea, arrange it on a Harthal day ( all days except weekends are harthal days these days here ) and it will be an adventure … for sure

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