Terror Strikes Bangalore!

Bangalore was rocked by a series of seven low-intensity blasts today, starting at 1.30 pm IST, spaced 12 minutes apart. One woman is confirmed dead and several others are injured.

What the hell is this world coming to?

Considered the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has been a terrorist “hot-spot” for quite a few years now. Bomb threats had been reported on a daily basis, and most of them turned out to be hoaxes. Today, we have realized that the city’s security measures are quite inadequate and that the police and intelligence departments aren’t up to the mark in processing the information they have. But that’s always been the case with India. It always takes a disaster like this one to make people sit up and take notice of the very real threat we are facing.

The people of Bangalore have always been a resilient lot, and it made my heart light when I saw complete strangers showing support for each other and saying things like, “It’s ok, we can get through this!” and “Don’t worry, they can’t break us!”

Support has been pouring in from all quarters of the globe and this attack has been chastised by all. Public transportation has not been disrupted, schools and offices have not been closed, people’s lives hasn’t changed much except for being a little wiser about the possibility of such attacks.

My most sincere condolences to all those who have been personally affected by this attack and I do hope that your spirit is strong enough to get through this ordeal. To quote a line from the movie Gandhi, “You can break my body, but not my spirit! We are not afraid!”

The latest news is available here and here.

Images Courtesy: NDTV and CNN-IBN

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

31 thoughts on “Terror Strikes Bangalore!

  1. What has happened there is sad & terrifying. Which city can termed as safe now? Being resilient & brave is now not an option but a necessity because we know that we common people have oursevles to help eachother.

    The politicians & govt is busy fighting & manipulating votes….obviously they are more important than the sercurity.

    I guess the mobile network there is down. Take proper care & be safe

  2. @ S
    True! When govts stop worrying about inane stuff and look into the actual dangers, we can hope to achieve something useful… Mobile networks are completely jammed…
    Thanks for your support… 🙂

  3. petty sad and shocking indeed !!!

    @ rekha
    all we need now is a joke like that…. 😛
    or u were serious ..lol ..

    @ nikhil again
    man u have a treat pending for my “book review ” 😛

  4. Just when we thought things were all fine, some ****heads have started to create chaos.
    I think they did not intend to create much damage… it was low intensity blasts.
    But the city did panic, I think thats what they wanted.

  5. Very sad situation…it takes very little to provoke humans…and they do much more damage than they themselves can bear!

    City-life is becoming dangerous by the day!

  6. Oh. Good that you are fine.
    Thank God, the blasts didn’t cause as much damage as in Jaipur. But yes, there were people affected and hope they come out of the trauma soon.

  7. Can we organize a hunting party…? i’d like to hunt down the man eaters for as long as i’m alive… I’m glad that i’m fine too… 😀
    it hurts me gravely to imagine people breaking down due to shock of the bombs or by the disability caused by them… 😦
    Now is the time for super heroes, but, damn-it, where the hell are they…? oh yeah… one has just hit the theaters… and he’s too busy with the Joker and the audience…

  8. @Vishesh
    I won’t die easily?? 😀

    Yes, sir! Indeed… When do we meet?

    Okie, will have a look, thanks! 🙂

    Yeah… Probably the best way to spread panic… Fucking shitheads, man! (I don’t believe in starring swear words!) 😀

    Thanks so much for your concern! We’re fine, thank you! 🙂

    Welcome to MirrorCracked! 😀
    Secret Reader!! hehe… Must confess to the same, actually! 😀
    Thanks for your concern… We’re doing fine here…

    Yeah! Almost feel like giving in a resignation letter/indefinite leave letter and running away to a calm peaceful place like kerala or something! 😀

    @La Vida Loca
    Thanks so much for the concern, we are all doing fine here. We weren’t near the blasts, though my office was just a few blocks away from the Ashok Nagar blasts… Damn scary that was! 😀

    Yeah man, i’m sure they will! Thanks and I’m glad to know you’re fine too!

    haha! Good to know you’re fine, man! I’m glad! Hunting party, eh? Let’s see what we can do! 😀

  9. thank god there haven’t been many casualties….
    seriously man, we would expect that after what happened in mumbai 2 years earlier, and what happened in jaipur this year, our government or our police departments would be a little more careful, but this just goes to show that the police forgets as easily as we do… whenever something like this happens, they say all over the tv how its unfortunate and security measures will be tightened but its highly suspect whether they even do anything to prevent something like this from happening again……..

  10. Yeah!! this was really insane ..

    But now it’s time for us to learn living in such extreme conditions and will have to support each other in such circumstances..

    You talk about the failure of police and intelligentsystems of India but do consider that even the well-advanced and well equipped America could sense a conspiracy of hijacking their airlines and then to blow away their important structures .. They had no clue ..

    If america cant sense such a big consipiracy even though they have one of the best intelligent agencies working for them, how can u sense some goons planting bombs at very crowded market where there is no time for anybody to notice unattended bag or cycle..

    It’s really to easy to attack or plant bombs in india where it’ crowded..

  11. We have been so busy killing each other over trivial issues all over the country why isnt that terrorism?
    I am actually scared of that than this.

  12. i felt like banglore was the only metro where the terrorits could not place their eye but it proved to be wrong………..these fucking terrorists should be sentenced to death…………..

  13. I really do not think its work of terrorists. I mean, why would they wish to scare with low intensity ones when in past they have already done damage of bigger scales.. This could be job of any other outfit. I am not exactly naming any particular sector but this could be a job of anyone. But no matter what these are terrorists too now (so what if they are respectable in what they do)

  14. Nikhil:

    I see someone going in reverse order in the cities where I have spent extended periods of time. But that aside, when B-cities become targets, we have a real problem at our hands.

    Calling it terrorism is easy; it makes the rest of us think of “them” and their ideologies. But to address the schisms in the Indian society will take a different kind of courage both for politicians and for society itself. So called terrorism emerges from within us, our own communities.

    As they say: “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. If we continue to exclude vast swathes of society in our exuberance of economic growth, I think we are doomed to see more of these unhappy occurrences.

  15. seems like someone got twitchy intentions. Already two cities are in ravages. Another hoax abt Kerala.
    Its sad and sick !

  16. most animals are resilient – the will to live makes them

    this resilience is a real bad word it makes the govt inactive
    u r a resilient lot – bom blasts or whatever we know that u have to get out and feed ur children and if u die or get maimed in the process – we dont really care – we will promise u a paltry compensation delay it and then sue u for 1% extra delayed payment , and maybe even tax that 🙂
    this is the state of our nation and politicians

  17. oxy – the job of a terrorist is not to kill the max no of people ts to terrorize max people -teach them fear !

  18. shefaly
    i agree on the economically disillusioned muslim terrorist
    who will be at the last rung of the network
    but most of the simi top brass are highly educated and sufficiently financially well off this is as much an ideological war
    – remember the first mumbai blasts ? tiger memon was no garib aam admi – he had a flourishing timber business

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