Living In Ghost Town

Bangalore - The New Ghost Town

For two days in a row, I have had this feeling that I’m living in a ghost town. The shortest distance from my house to my office is 18 kilometers (around 15 miles), and for the past 7 months, the shortest time I’ve taken to drive from one place to the other is 1.2 hours. So, you can imagine my surprise when, on the 13th of November, I reached my office in 27 minutes.

I parked my bike and looked around just to reassure myself that I was really there. While returning home that night, I took 30 minutes. I could not sleep a wink. The roads had been strangely devoid of people; for the longest stretches, mine was the only bike. No pedestrians, green lights all the way, no hot chicks on the sidewalk, nothing. I finally dismissed the incident as an anomaly.

When the same thing yesterday, I got scared. Where the hell is everybody?

The Pharaoh Look

That was when it struck me – I have a Pharaoh look going for the past three days, and I think I’ve been cursed. The thin striptease of a beard running down my chin probably sparked angry protests among the dead Pharaohs and they want revenge for my lack of respect. They’re probably playing mind games on me. Shit! I need some help!

If I don’t post anything for the next two days, you can safely assume that I’m dead.

37 thoughts on “Living In Ghost Town

  1. @Anshul
    Brrrr… Don’t scare me any more than I already am!

    Hehehe! I think it was! I’m not so sure! 😀

    I stay near Rajajinagar! Ghost-Town! 🙂

    Bah! 😀
    How’s it? Do you like it? How do I look?? 😀

    Hehehe! I don’t know! Maybe! But I think it’s definitely got to do something with this beard! 😀

    Hehehe! Sparrows? Dude! WTF?? 😀

    I hope not.. Why? Whom do you have in mind??

    Haha! How sweet! I’ll die only after you get married, ok? 😀

    Whaaaa?? It’s not nice?? Are you sure?? 😦

    Hehe! Are you sure?? 😀

    LOL… Yeah, that’s one way of looking at it! 😛

    Hehe! Thanks man! 😀

    It’s visor’s broken! LOL… 😀

    Was it?? Really? Oh shit! 😀

  2. Did pharaohs ever wear glasses ? Bangalore could do with a few more pharaohs and that could be the solution to the pathetic traffic problem … you are a genius!! ..actually did you doze of when your barber was at your beard? or is this some sadistic style statement ?

  3. I’m agreed with Aravind… Please do not die!!! 😦

    however, this is a lot scary… I understand if u have had a Pharaoh look… 🙄

  4. wow!! I’ve never actually seen an empty street before(in Bangalore)….mayb i can get to school (9 kms from home) in less than an hour if the streets are empty…
    Please do namma bengalooru a huge favour and ride all over town with you’re pharoah look!! 😀

  5. Looks very cool dude. Believe me, everyone likes the 50% cut in commute time in Bangalore 🙂 It is almost like the Vanilla Sky Tom Cruise Empty Time square experience.

  6. @ Niks

    LOL you do look nice.. 🙂

    But soham thinks you are competing with SRK!! “SRK!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    No comments 😛 😛 you can read my comment on you previous post 😛

    @ Reema

    come t think of it, yeah, “a whole post to show off a thin patch of a few hair!!” 🙄 LOL

  7. *Ahem* Not cursed you are, btw nice goatee. I agree with Reema, “A whole post and story just to show off new beard!! Narcissism at its peak.” LOL 🙂

  8. haha..maybe the strip of beard just scared all the people away…
    dude i have an request, Chennai traffic too has become unbearable these days..can u pls pay a visit to chennai :D:D

  9. no traffic in Bangalore.. I can’t believe.. Finish off your work these days and get some rest when there is some more traffic.. great idea.. right 😉

  10. Rajajingar and a ghost town? Hmmm sounds weird. Is it become a ghost town coz I shifted my house from that place 😛 I know, I understand! When a lively person like me is not there then people tend to experience such things 😀

    And “no hot chicks on the sidewalk”?? Are there any in that area? Oh ya! may be from Aurobindo College =))

  11. Would it be possible for you to tell me who the artist is who painted the above picture of the ghost town as i love it..If you can help me it would be much appreciated

  12. H-e-l-l-o-o-o-l-l-e-H!! You okay? Hope you don’t mind, but I am using this ghost town image on my blog!?

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