She’s smart. She’s sexy. She’s sweet. She’s intelligent. She’s witty. She’s brilliant. She’s one-in-a-million. She’s got a lovely smile. She’s brainy. She’s simple. She’s hot. She’s got no hang-ups. She’s a good friend. She’s fun. I proposed. She said “Yes.”



55 thoughts on “She…

  1. And before I move away from my lappy-a big BEAR HUG for u!

    (my spinal problem is back and its bigger…that’s why I am absent from the blogroll)

  2. @La Vida Loca
    Thankss!!! 😀

    Thanks!! 😀

    Thanks dude! Thanks a lot! 🙂

    @Quirky Indian
    Club Singles is still there, I’ll just be a visiting faculty from now! 😉
    Thanks!! 🙂

    Thanks! Yeah, hopefully! 😀

    Hahaha! Thanks! 😀

    Thanks machiiiiiii….!!! 😀
    I’ll give you details later, on gtalk! 😉
    And a big bear hug back to you! Take care and please get well soon!! 😀

  3. My sympathies! There is a recession going on: did you think about that before proposing? Having a girlfriend these days is so wallet-wrenching! Modern day girls suddenly find a lot of adjustment problems with the guys who become poor or jobless. I hope when you find out that your mirror does not crack.
    For what it is worth, hearty congratulations!!

  4. Hey, congratulations!! So we get our beer before ur marriage, right? [club singles rule]
    Now, is she who I think she is or she is someone who i have no idea about…?

  5. @Vishesh
    Hehe! I will, when the time is right! 🙂

    Hehe! Thanks! 😀

    LOL… Thanks! 🙂
    The recession was a big issue that we discussed! 😀

    Haha! You get your beer! 🙂
    And no, you don’t have any idea who she is! 😉

    Hehe! Thanks! It’ll be revealed soon! Patience! 😀

  6. congrats! I just noticed the campaign to vote for you! Will vote for you, if u vote for me in the lone category I am nominated 😉
    Congrats..hope to hear more about your new love 🙂

  7. @Smallstar
    Hehehe! Thanks! 😀

    Haha! Patience, my boy! 🙂

    Thanks!! 😀

    Haha! You’ll have your party, don’t worry! 😀

    Hehe! Quid Pro Quo, eh? Done! 😀
    Thanks! 🙂

  8. 😦 I thought being single was cool…. 😛

    Its okay…from now on, I’m the captain of the Single-Champions Team 8)

    Congrats buddy! 😀

  9. uh-oh, i guess its now gonna be ‘love-stricken’ posts and no more ‘single-is-awesome’ posts !!

    Just kidding , Congrats dude 🙂 . . .

  10. U traitor!!!! U jus created the singles community and made us join !!! Transfer the ownership, soooon!

    Im happy for you buddy, congratttss 🙂
    Whens the treat ?

  11. @Che
    I hope so, dude! 🙂

    Hehe! Yes, captain! 😀

    LOL… I will still preach, wait and watch! 😀
    Gimme Mukherjee’s number! 😆

    Thanks!! 🙂

    Hehehe! Love-stricken posts, eh? Let’s see! 😉

    Hahaha! Thanks man! And yeah, I’ll transfer the ownership now! 😀

    Thanks! 🙂

    LOL… thanks man! 🙂

    Haha! thanks! 😀

    LOL… Treat soon, dude! 😀

  12. I just joined the community you created, and It works well. So NO more a single… Well congrats!! Nikhil…. and by the way! who is she???

    And am so happy for you..

  13. macha!! congrats… and it comes in the wake of u creating so many pro-single posts and a community also! unbelievable 😀
    anyways, i wish u all the best for a bombastic future! (mind u, u’ll be needing these wishes 😛 )
    and what about my breezer? :O

  14. @Xylene
    Look who’s back!! 😀
    Welcome, dude! Hehe! And yeah, I’m sorry of my site was blocked for a while back then… I didn’t do it! 😀

    @ T
    Hahaha! That’s one way to look at it! 😀

    Hehehe! Talk about bad timing! 😀
    Thanks man! 🙂

    LOL… “She” doesn’t blog! 🙂

    “She” doesn’t blog, and she’s not the Jodha I was ranting in my earlier posts! 😀

    She’s that good! 😀

    Hahaha! Yeah man, as I said, talk about bad timing! 😀
    Thanks a lot, macha! Breezeraa? I’ll get you the whole frikkin winery! 😀

  15. @Rads
    LOL thanks!! 😀

    Welcome back! 😀
    Thanks man! 😀

    Hmmm… Let’s see… 😉

    Haha! I’d heard that equation somewhere before, but yeah its so frikkin true! 😀

    Hahahaahaha!!! This is perhaps the best comment here! 😀

    LOL, Free beer? Didn’t you just comment saying you found a reason NOT to drink?? 😀

    Thanks! 🙂

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