And So, The Crappy Year Finally Ends!

It took 365 days for this year to end. Usually, I wouldn’t have noticed how quickly the time flies and would have said some inane comment like, “I didn’t know how quickly the time flew this year!” but this time it’s different. It took an eternity for the year to end.

It was a crappy year, with good memories few and far between. Resisting the temptation to lash out at certain people,  slander a lot more and regret a lot of choices I’ve taken and decisions that I’ve made, I’ll try to re-live those moments that were worth remembering.

PS: All pictures have either been clicked by me or I hold the exclusive copyrights to them.

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC
January: Brooklyn Bridge, NYC
View From The Brooklyn Bridge
January: View From The Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park, NYC
January: Central Park, NYC


Buffalo, NY
February - March: Buffalo, NY
Niagara Falls
February - March: Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
February - March: Niagara Falls
April - June: Gokarna
April - June: Gokarna
Self-obsessed Photography
July - August: Self-obsessed Photography
Honing My Super Skills
August - September: Honing My Super Skills

I really hope all of you have had a much better year than I have. I wish you all a fantastic new year ahead! Don’t bother making resolutions – they’re too optimistic to live up to! 🙂

A Pretty KlueLess Christmas! :)

KlueLess 4

Consider this a “thank you” note for Apar, who made me realize just how much of a dufus I am. She introduced me to what is perhaps the best quiz ever devised by mankind – KlueLess.

KlueLess is an online quizzing game which is a part of the IIM-Indore annual fest Iris. Hugely innovative, the quiz challenges to test your extent of lateral thinking and general knowledge, and it is very very addictive. People have been stuck on this quiz for months together!

Forums have been started and articles have been written about KlueLess, which has a cult following across the globe, with more than 3 million hits in the first month of it’s launch!

I started off with KlueLess 4 a few days ago, and yesterday, I cracked all the levels. I was so excited that I plunged into the original KlueLess, launched in 2005. At 9 in the night, in between trying to write something special for a special stranger and trying to resist the temptation of going to a Christmas Ball, I cracked it. I was proud of myself, and today, I’m going to attack the second and third editions – KlueLess 2 and 3.

KlueLess 2, KlueLess 3

I recommend it to everyone. It’s an absolutely breathtaking journey into the unknown – with each question, your general knowledge rises a notch. I feel on top of the world now.

To whoever devised KlueLess, hats off! You have just made this beautiful world that much more interesting!

So, here’s where you can try them out:


KlueLess 2

KlueLess 3

KlueLess 4

Enjoy yourselves! While solving the quizzes, always remember that nothing is obvious and nothing is really that difficult. 🙂

As He Slides Down The Chimney…

… we all prepare ourselves for a fabulous Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. Offices are shut, schools are out, colleges don’t bother to announce holidays as no one turns up anyway, people are relaxed, credit cards are swiped, gifts are bought, new friendships are born, old ones are revived, songs are sung, movies are seen, smiles are wider, roads are emptier, hugs are warmer, kisses are sweeter, vacations are planned and blogs are forgotten…

I wish you all a fantastic year ahead. Have a Merry Merry Christmas and I hope all your wishes, dreams, hopes and fantasies come true! It’s the time for miracles, after all! 🙂

I’m in two minds – to take a vacation or to sit at home, all cozy and warm and snug. I guess my lunacy will rule and I’ll take a much-needed vacation! 🙂


Cheers! I’ll see you when I see you! 🙂


Got this below visual in my email a few days ago.  It’s just too hilarious – something to lighten up your Sunday. Cheers! 🙂

It was Friday morning, and that  meant it was time for an activity that the teacher called “add to the  picture”.   The teacher would call students to the chalkboard one at a  time. The first student would draw an object on the chalkboard, and each  following student would add something to the picture to make it a new picture.

The teacher called on James to start things off.


James returned to his seat.

The teacher called on  Ernie next.


Ernie returned to his seat.

Now it was Suzy’s turn.


Suzy returned to her seat.

Next, the teacher called  Jerry to the board.


Jerry returned to his seat.

Kim was called to the board.


Kim returned to her seat.

About this time, little Johnny began waving his arm hysterically. Little  Johnny was well known for being off center, so the teacher was reluctant to call  on him for anything. But as the teacher looked at the picture on the chalkboard,  she thought that there was no way that little Johnny could possibly do anything  to make this picture dirty. So she called on little Johnny, and he ran to the  chalkboard.


Bigger! Badder! Stronger! Smellier!

returnFor the first time in its life, this website hid its face from the world for a few hours. MirrorCracked has always lived up to a rich legacy of smelly nonsense, guaranteed to make you smile and wrinkle your nose at the same time. And this time, I promise you more of the same, better packaged and bound to make you laugh so much that you’d cry. Well, I’ll try. 😀

The scientists at the MirrorCracked Labs have successfully installed a rotating  cleartext mutation string algorithm that churns out a password for the site every three minutes. Now, I don’t know what any of that means, but I found that phrase in a novel and thought it would be really cool to use it here to intimidate any professional hacker jobless enough to hack into my useless site and color my sidebar pink. Well, I’m sticking out my tongue at you, hacker!

Ive become quite paranoid all of a sudden. Just the other day, I snorted on my cup of hot coffee (in the makeshift coffee stand across the street from my office) when I overheard a couple of people plotting to kill me. Very covertly, I crushed the tiny plastic cup and bent down to dump it in the trash bin, and knelt down to tie my shoelaces, and listened to their conversation.

Killer 1: This fellow is irritating me.

Killer 2 (sporting a macho mustache): Yeah! Let’s get rid of him, once and for all!

Only when Killer 1 threw a stone at the ugly dog standing next to them did I realize that they weren’t talking about me. That was when I decided to learn some really nasty words to defend myself. For example, “I’m a black-belt in kicking your ass!” is something my younger brother once told me, and I’ve been using that line against a variety of opponents, both real and imaginary.

Anyway, I digress a lot. The main objective of this post was to announce that MirrorCracked just got bigger, badder and a whole lot funnier! I guess that’s my Christmas present to you all this year!

Okay, I’m kidding. About the Christmas presents, not the blog. You’ll all get free beer wine! 😀

The Death Of A Legendary Warrior


Ladies and gentlemen, friends, fellow bloggers, distinguished  colleagues, kids, addicts and all the random people who stumbled upon this blog because of the tag ‘sex’, please join me in a moment’s silence to mourn for the death of the greatest man ever known to exist.

Some may claim he never existed but I beg to differ. He existed in all of us, we all have a part of him and he was an integral part of all of us. He came out of nowhere and stole our hearts, made us laugh until we cried and then, without a warning, left us all and joined the other martyrs.

He was an icon. He was a legend. He was the warrior that I can never be. He gave me a reason to write about him, and now, I never shall. It gives me great sorrow to announce the death of Hairy Potter.

Last time we heard about him, he was somewhere in the Andamans, trying to find meaning to his life and to all the unanswered questions that kept cropping up everywhere he went. Last night, he had an unfortunate accident while combing his hair – in a very delicate place – and inadvertently, he combed something else that wasn’t supposed to be combed.

Now, we will never know the answers to all those questions that haunt us day and night. We can never reveal the truth. Hairy was the only person strong enough to face the realities and now, he’s gone. There was some talk that this was the handiwork of the elusive Wall De Fart, but nothing can be proved. I cried the whole night. I attended his funeral this morning – it seemed the entire world had come to see him off.

Even in death, he exuded that hairy confidence that filled us all with inspiration.

Rest in peace, Hairy. We will all miss you, my friend. I envied your bladder control and now, I envy your peace. Fight on, Hairy.



Something creepy happened this evening and I had to write this!

After a long time, Priya from Priceless Junk logged in to her wordpress account. She was sick and tired of her exams and thought she needed some humor to cheer her up, and opened MirrorCracked. And saw “Edit” links everywhere!

She clicked on one of them and was redirected to my dashboard. She got scared. She thought I had invaded her home and was using her computer! She searched high and low and obviously, did not find me anywhere. So, she figured this had to be a freak incident and messaged me that she could access my dashboard!

I fell off my chair in my office, and called her back immediately and she explained that she could access my dashboard! I called few other blogger friends of mine and asked them if they could do the same. Thankfully, no one else could. I changed my password, told Priya to clear her cookies and cache files and then visit my page. This time, everything was back to normal.

For a few minutes this evening, my heart had stopped and I had to constantly give myself CPR (including mouth-to-mouth) to stay alive.

If this has happened to any of you as well, and if any of you can access my dashboard, please be a good netizen and tell me about it. Please?