Something creepy happened this evening and I had to write this!

After a long time, Priya from Priceless Junk logged in to her wordpress account. She was sick and tired of her exams and thought she needed some humor to cheer her up, and opened MirrorCracked. And saw “Edit” links everywhere!

She clicked on one of them and was redirected to my dashboard. She got scared. She thought I had invaded her home and was using her computer! She searched high and low and obviously, did not find me anywhere. So, she figured this had to be a freak incident and messaged me that she could access my dashboard!

I fell off my chair in my office, and called her back immediately and she explained that she could access my dashboard! I called few other blogger friends of mine and asked them if they could do the same. Thankfully, no one else could. I changed my password, told Priya to clear her cookies and cache files and then visit my page. This time, everything was back to normal.

For a few minutes this evening, my heart had stopped and I had to constantly give myself CPR (including mouth-to-mouth) to stay alive.

If this has happened to any of you as well, and if any of you can access my dashboard, please be a good netizen and tell me about it. Please?

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

38 thoughts on “CreepyCracked!

  1. no i cant access your dashboard…….this was indeed freaky!you should post this problem to the admin…hope this doesn’t happen with anyone of us….scary… 😦

  2. Whoa, that is scary. I hope mine is ok. I haven’t seen yours like that. I am imagining how you gave yourself a mouth to mouth. Did you use a mirror or a body double?

  3. Sounds like AWESOME fun!
    I wanna be able to hack a specific person’s id/blog/both!
    Wish I could do that!

    Now, seems like anything is possible!!

    “You horrible person who gets on my nerves and makes my blood boil, beware of me!!”


  4. Am imagining how you gave mouth to mouth?!
    As I told you over chat, do inform WP support about this.

  5. be happy it wasn’t someone else 😛 and i think a malayalam namboothri might help you do something about this 😛 eat coconut and lemon everyday and go to a temple in the middle of the forest on a full moon day(er..don’t do that,it is believed a girl can trap a man’s soul,in a coconut on a full moon day 😛 )

    And Priya,don’t lie,I think you tried to hack into his account.. 😛

  6. baby you will be the first one to know if i have any problems with wordpress….

    as it is i keep on harrowing u everyday at work as well :mrgreen:

    chill and have a charminar… i will surely let u know… 😀

  7. IF it was me.. I would put my freaky pic with a cool caption all over your blog, translate all your posts to chinese with gtranslate, of course with a big middle finger somewhere, preferably, animated in 3d by me 😛

    And I will ask for a ransom of Chicken biriyani or something to undo everything… lol

    giving CPR yourself mouth to mouth… no one can beat u in being soo interestingly insane..

  8. Nightmare!!!!

    good that she told you….

    otherwise there are people misusing :((
    Kudos to Priya….

    just a suggestion make a pratise to change ur paswsword every fortnight atelast…or may be in a month….

  9. Baap Re! Very Very Creepy! I would not mind though if I could login this way into some rich guy’s bank account some day 🙂

  10. By the way, Paul told me yesterday that he could access my dashboard! I was relieved that it was Paul and no one I didn’t know. Funny things are happening and Paul has written to wordpress. Anyway he can’t access my dashboard now and I have not changed my password.

  11. You gave yourself mouth-mouth? I am wondering how you did that. Don’t let my creativity wander too much. I’s better if you tell me how fast. 😛 😀

  12. Did you run around a tree at speed of light ? I think, even then m2m won’t be possible, although… there would be other possibilities. 😉

  13. Do I really need to tell you what kinda things I would do if I get my hands on your dashboard… 😛 I think you are smart enough to guess… or imagine.. 😛

  14. I don’t know about this, but yesterday when I opened wordpress, a advertisement opened where a girl was providing christmas gifts. For a second I thought that someone has hacked wordpress and all the blogs are gone.
    But I still don’t understand how that advertisement came!

  15. OMG, how could that be??!!! It’s a SCARY thing, alright. I hate changing passwords. I have a bad memory for them, and a bad memory for the piece of paper I wrote my latest password on.

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