Weird Hair Days…

weird-hairI have stubborn hair. I’m not kidding and I’m not making things up. My hair – though considered to be the sexiest thing ever by women all over the world – does have it’s weird days, and today happens to be one of the weirdest. As a rule, I don’t use cosmetics like hair gels, hair sprays and hair wears and other strange inventions. I am quite proud of the fact that my hair, most of the times, does not need much coaxing to fall in place and look presentable. Today, it decided to revolt.

I tried all of the following methods:

  1. Hot water soak
  2. Cold water soak
  3. Jumping up and down
  4. Shaking my head from side to side, vigorously, trying to make it fall in place
  5. Talking to the hair softly, while running my fingers through it, trying to make them sit
  6. Screaming at them and fingering them violently (Fingering them?)
  7. Pulling a few out from the roots in order to threaten the rest
  8. Wearing a cap for ten minutes, hoping they’d sit properly

again-weird-harrWell, none of these techniques worked, and I had to resort to the most primitive of methods – I soaked them in water and while they were recovering from the shock and before they could spring right up, I put my helmet on and drove to work.

No luck. Any ideas, anyone? I don’t use a comb, by the way. Never have. So, if you have any ideas, then make sure a comb isn’t involved. 😀

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

34 thoughts on “Weird Hair Days…

  1. This has been my problem too! 😦 Tried everything from egg yolk and soaking my hair in beer…yeah those are the things that women do! 🙂 But I tried some guy things too, like not cutting it short and not combing!
    The solution to this problem you ask. Grow old and wait until it falls off! 🙂

  2. I think you would like Nita’s suggestion of soaking your hair in beer 🙂
    May be your hair is like you…stubborn 😉

  3. # Talking to the hair softly, while running my fingers through it, trying to make them sit

    # Screaming at them and fingering them violently (Fingering them?)

    lol… why the fuck would someone ‘talk’ or ‘finger’ one’s hair? ❗ 🙄

    dont u have women in ur life to do it? 😛 😉

  4. @Nita
    I like that – grow old and they’ll fall off… Very nice advice! 😀
    And soak it in beer?? Seriously!?? 😀

    @Insane Twit
    Hehehe!! Probably! 😀

    Ah, yes… The mean streak! 😉

    @La Vida Loca
    LOL… Thanks, but no thanks! 😀

    What to do, my girl’s halfway across the world! 😀

    Hehehe! I’m trying out a widget-free existence! 😀

    LOL… The sanest comment! 😀

    Sigh, I think I’ll just resign! 😀

  5. @Stubborn hair, ha ha dude, come on. As Nita said, Beer bath should be is perfect. Hair also need to be high!!!

    P.S: Nice Theme.

  6. ha ha ha..well, sorry aout laughing..this is pretty serious problem you have…I hav had bad hair day almost half of my life. If you find a solution let know, i agree, dont involve a comb 😛

  7. Tell me when you hit upon a solution. As you can see by looking at my picture, I don’t just have a weird hair day – I have a weird hair life. Doesn’t take away from my striking good looks though! 🙂

    Quirky Indian

  8. @Archie
    You are mean! 😛

    Beer bath has a nice ring to it! 😀
    And whoa, finally someone who likes the theme! 😀

    Damn you! Damn you! 😀

    LOL… you’re so so mean! 😀

    LOL… Maybe that’ll belp! 😀

    Heheheehe!!! It is a laughing matter, no doubt! 😀
    I’ll leep you posted on any brainwaves! 😀

    LOL…!! Now, I’m really really intrigued! 😀

    Hehehehe!! You’re back commenting! 😀
    And yes, I’ll read that post! 😀

    Oh, I’m so jealous, man! Some people looks so hot despite having weird hair! 😀

  9. LOL!! well, I don’t know if you’ll like this solution, but coconut oil is supposed to help keep hair in place 😀

  10. tell ur girlfriend for help or the best option is to go bald for a change ….for further hair advice call Salman Khan! hahhahha… 😀

  11. Try using a conditioner or try oiling ur hair..
    Or shave your head.. and u’re rid of bad hair days for life .. 😛

  12. I guess Nita’s advice will be the right choice .. Hair in Beer .. Wow, that will be great .. Even if ur hair don’t set properly, u can squeeze out Beer and drink .. Ek tir se do shikar !!

    New theme huh !! .. Wadde log, waddi baatein .. I hope u understand Hindi !!

  13. Soaking the hair in Beer is actually good. Beer has natural Conditioner effect (except the beer itself is artificially brewed). But you have to be very specific about which brand though, in anyways the hairs will get high but they will fall to the ground. Or you can also get a hair cut 🙂

  14. Oh dear God ! What problems have you created us with ?

    Everyone says cut it off, I would suggest you shave it off !! Yes man, shave completely !

    No one giving good suggestions, huh?

  15. hehehe.. Nikhil… I agree with Alice and Hope… all your problems can be solved (including hairy ones) by a simple technique. Get yourself a woman!!! 😀 😛 😀

  16. Dude, whats wrong with you…!! Hair Dryers are a boon to woman kind!!! You need to give that a try, trust me every strand will become disciplined!!!

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