What would it be like to write a blah post where every word is ‘Blah’…? I ask this because I just came across a blah plugin called PenisPress, which promises to replace every blah word in a post with the word ‘Penis’.

Er, I don’t know why anyone would be blah jobless enough to even write a plugin as crazy as this. But hey, the world is filled with jerks, and the least we can do is acknowledge them. Right? πŸ˜€

Anyway, I’ve been quite held up with a lot of blah work and I’m hoping some time clears up soon enough for me to be a bit more active online. There’s a trip to blah Manipal in the offing, for their blah communications fest, where I’m probably presenting a paper, and there’s a lot of interesting things cropping up in the blah job-hunt scenario.

Did I say blah job-hunt? I meant something else. Er… What? Shit, I should not write when I’m blah drunk!

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29 thoughts on “Blah?

  1. lol, I like the concept of ‘blah’ actually.

    It’s like a politically correct placeholder.

    I had a blah lunch
    My husband got me a blah gift
    The movie was just a complete blah
    The blind date from last night? O, a useless blah!
    That post that Nikhil wrote – what a blah!


  2. Hey, that was a good advertisement for my blog, which I prefer to call “Blah blah blah…” and no, I won’t replace any words there… πŸ˜€

  3. I see you have already got too many comments with Blah! But what the heck here is another – Blah!
    Q: What would you call a Barber who gives you a random hair cut?
    A: Blahber!

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