The Road To Havana?

It’s been quite a busy day so far, and I’ve been in and out of meetings so much that I crave for a bit of peace and solitude. No, I don’t watch porn.

Funny thing happened on my way back and made me wonder about my ineptitude when it comes to being politically correct. Fresh out of a very fruitful meeting, I hailed an auto in the middle of a busy thoroughfare and sat in, thankful that I didn’t have to wait for more than I did. Then, as I was about to tell the driver where to go, I noticed that he was a midget.

I am not kidding. He was 4 feet tall, maybe a bit taller, and he came up to my chest, maybe a bit lower. His head reminded me of the shrunken heads of the Arumbaya tribe – it was so tiny that my bunched-up fist was bigger. I think the funniest thing was that he was wearing a cap on top of the head, which made me think of a flagpole, for some reason.

Without thinking, I asked him why his head was so small, to which he asked, with some dignity, why my mouth was so big. I guess I needed that rebuttal. I kept my mouth shut all the way and paid him an extra ten bucks, which he accepted without gratitude.

Time to crack open a cold beer and dream of the days when I’ll have my own car and a box of Havana cigars at my disposal.

6 thoughts on “The Road To Havana?

  1. 1. the return of divine agnostic is new, rite?

    2. India mein garib ko nahin daba sakte tum jaise log 😀

    3. His question was a perfect answer for your question.

    4. lol

  2. Haahaa.. Wrong question–>Apt answer! 😀

    Nice post! Take care 🙂

    @vishesh I too thought he might have quit by now!

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