Okay People! Time Out! What In God’s Name Is Happening Here!?

So, I’m sitting here on my bed, trying my best to get photoshop to work so that I can finish three websites in the next one hour, when Vishesh pings me. (Gee, it’s been a while since I’ve linked people from this blog! Yay!)

He asks me, “Any idea who The Successor is? Is it you?”

Now, this might seem like a normal question for someone who’s about to become a king or something after murdering his tyrant father who used to rule with an iron fist and a heart of crap. But for me, it sounded as strange as finding my mirror talking back to me.

I said, “What? Who?”

So, he sent me a link: http://iarrive.wordpress.com

The link looked familiar and I clicked it, and went to a blog called ‘The Successor’. I had been here before – a week ago, I think – when this Successor guy commented on my blog. He had commented one word: ‘pathetic’.

I was just out of hibernation, and I was getting accustomed to the new dashboard layout of WordPress, when this comment appeared, piqued my curiosity and made me visit that page and leave a reciprocating comment. And I promptly forgot about that incident.

Until Vishesh reminded me tonight.

Now that I think about it, Anu had pinged me something similar last week, asking me if I knew who the guy was. It was a strange deja vu for me while chatting with Vishesh. Moreover, I felt I was being cross-examined for a crime I had no clue about!

Who is this successor guy? He hasn’t visited my blog after that one time. I don’t know what’s going on and why people think it’s me! These days, I don’t have the time for breakfast, let alone blog on MirrorCracked. So, I guess writing another blog is kind of insanely impossible for me. And if you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you should know that I”m a purist and I don’t believe in letting blogs die.

Honestly, I’m NOT the successor.

Anyway, Vishesh told me that Apar and Aaarti also believe this allegation. Sigh, what do I do to convince you otherwise?

By the way, I’ve read through the guy’s blog and it sounds like he’s got too much attitude. I wonder who it is and I wonder what’s he up to. Any guesses are welcome, but it’s NOT me!

PS: Just happened to check an insane conversation thread in the comments form between Vimmuuu and Smita! Hilarious! And dude, I’m NOT him! Grrr…  😀

22 thoughts on “Okay People! Time Out! What In God’s Name Is Happening Here!?

  1. thank god for small mercies…I thought for a moment “OMG! He has started yet another blog!” 😛
    The strange thing is why r people thinking it is u? he doesn’t sound like u at all! I see I m there on his blog roll too but he hasnt commented on my blog ever.

  2. Dude, I feel that this is person is some big shot! Filled with loads of attitude, man!

    Apparently, he/she’s in Bangalore. We gotta do something and reveal his/her identity! (kidnap? 😀 )

  3. Macha…a big bear hug to you..and welcome back..missed you – is a total understatement 🙂

    And don’t worry about being pathetic…we your blog is pathetic…then oxford should supply this word a new meaning

    🙂 🙂 yaaay you are back..so haappppyyy

  4. Hehehe! 😀
    I honestly didn’t think it was you- not even once!! 🙂

    The guy commented back on my post and he seriously seems to have SOME attitude, a LOT of it actually!

  5. omigosh!!!! I am so glad you are alive… i thought you were drowning somewhere!!!

    Yeah i know about this Successor… he commented on one of my posts as well… seems to be like a familiar guy coz he is circuiting the same folks that we guys know…

    anyway!! so where have u been? shall call ya over the weekend… loads to catch up! cheers!

  6. You are really back! I had no idea, as I have stopped checking my wp surfer! Nowadays I use the google dashboard where I have another blog. Now I shall add you there. Hope you are serious about coming back to blogging! By the way, things have changed in the blogging world, really changed! I feel weird in a way because a whole lot of people have disappeared! You were one of them. It feels strange, I and Vishesh seem to be the only ones sticking around!!
    About the successor I vaguely remember that name. Don’t know where.

  7. @Reema

    Kidnap?? LOL..!!!! 😀

    Pfffftttttttt……..!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛

    LOL.. Thanks 😛
    Where are you?? Why have you disappeared??

    I have no idea! 😀

    @Shrinidhi Hande
    Welcome to MirrorCracked!!! 😀 😀
    How’re you, man?? Been a long time!
    By the way, I’m NOT him!! 😛

    Heh heh, Yeah I saw the comment! 😀

    LOL… Okay, if you say so! 😀

    Welcome to MirrorCracked! 😀
    Thanks! Keep visiting! 🙂

    Hehehe!! Blog theme? REally??

    Yup! Looks like it!~ 😀

    No, darling! I”m very much alive! Hehe! You never called!! 😦
    I’m waiting…

    Heyyyyyy!! It’s good to be back!! Seriously!
    And yeah, so much has changed!! Don’t worry, I’m back now, for good, and we shall take over this sphere! 😀

  8. Alrighty…I did tell you that Vishesh said he thinks it is you. I don’t really wonder who anonymous writers are honest!! 🙂
    Glad to see you are back at posting….I must get back to reading more regularly and doing most activities that have taken a backseat this year!

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