My Blog Feels Abandoned! :(

Boo Hoo! 😦

My blog stats are on the decline! I don’t know why! I don’t write obscene stuff. I don’t write politically explicit articles, I’m a decent guy who blogs on decent topics, no racism, no porn and definitely no slander! Well, almost no slander! 😉

But still, this is very depressing news… What do I do? I can’t afford scantily-clad cheerleaders, nor can I offer free beer to all my visitors! All I can do is hope and pray that people read what I write. I wish I were one of those noble souls who aren’t bothered with blog stats… Sigh… 😦

Maybe what I can do is offer free advice and great ideas to everyone who visits me and leaves a comment. Just like Calvin! But I won’t charge them. I’m not as good a businessman as Calvin. Sigh, again… 😦

One more thing I can do is to change my wordpress theme. I’ve been using this theme for god knows how long, and maybe people are bored of seeing it. The same old header image (non-customizable, Grrr..!!), the same old font, the same sidebar and the same old boring topics!

Oh yeah, maybe I should start blogging about some socially volatile topics like abortion and child molestation and dangerously declining blog stats! (grin)

Actually, when it comes to such topics, I’m as opinionated as a doorknob. So, I’ll just continue to write about my same old boring life, the quirks I come across, the instances of stupidity and the complete lack of judgment, which often leads me perilously close to being a boring, old hag. Damn! My life is pathetically predictable!

As I said, Boo Hoo.. 😦



For almost three minutes after I opened my eyes, I didn’t know where I was. I was confused and my head was spinning. I looked around me and didn’t recognize the room where I was sleeping. My arms and legs felt strangely numb and there was a strange metallic taste in my mouth. I realized I was thirsty. Extremely thirsty. The morning light was seeping through the curtains and I could see a bottle next to my bed. I drank the water and felt a bit better. The headache reduced a notch, but was still persistent enough to make me nauseous. Then, slowly and intricately, I began to recollect the events of last night.

I had driven up to my friend’s place at around nine in the night and we had been thrilled at the seeing each other again after a long time. He was still working in the same company where I had been and where I had met him a year and a half ago. We reminisced about old times and decided to drink to our good health.

“Just one beer,” I said. “No more.”

“Sure, buddy,” he said.

One beer, two beers and three vodkas later, I was numb and ready to pass out. I’ve never been drunk in my life before, and this was the closest I could come. We ate egg curry at two in the morning and promptly fell asleep in a drunken stupor.

My first hangover and my best one yet – the whole day passed by in a haze and in slow motion. Around evening, the headaches finally stopped and it felt good. I vowed never to get hung over again. There’re a couple of parties lined up this week. I wonder… 😀