Exclusive Excerpts From Simran :)

And now, as I had promised, I’m proud to give you a few select excerpts from the book, exclusively for the readers of MirrorCracked. I hope you like it, and if you do, please be sure to spread the word. It’s in the PDF format and you would need Adobe Reader to view it.

Simran: Second Book, First Novel :)


Genre: Fiction
Author: Nikhil Kumar
Publisher: Waters Publishing House, New Delhi
Price: $18.90 (special rate for MirrorCracked downloads: $10.00)

The Daisy Network…

One more happy hour to endure. Ok, I know this can be a bit confusing. I’ll try to be clear. There’s a group of people, scattered around the world, and struggling to find a cure for the world’s problems. They call themselves the Daisy Network. The main aim of this organization is to ensure thatContinue reading “The Daisy Network…”

The Storyteller…

What’s so special about having a blog? Is it the “cool” factor – “Ooh, look at me, I blog, so I’m a blogger!”? Is it the fact that having a blog allows us to meet new people everyday, read their thoughts, views and opinions and comment on them? Do chicks dig bloggers? Or does sittingContinue reading “The Storyteller…”

2008: The Final Odessey

Sir Arthur C Clarke passed away today in a hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka, after a long suffering illness. He was wheelchair-bound for most of his last years and was ninety years old when he died. My favorite author, he was the man whose books opened my mind to the heavens and the secrets theyContinue reading “2008: The Final Odessey”