Chai Around The World

Chai Around The World

Howdy Folks!

I’m alive. Surprise!

So, here’s the deal. I rarely come here on MirrorCracked these days. I had forgotten my password – I got in on the 4th attempt. I don’t know what’s happening on the scene anymore. Are you guys all still here and blogging? I don’t know how many will even read this – I’m sure a lot of people would have given this blog up as dead. I hope not.

I blog at a new location now. I’ve been traveling. A lot. And not on my own. Wink 😉

Check out Chai Around The World. Let me know what you think of it. I plan to return here soon enough. I’m mustering up the courage to revisit the old haunts, read up on all your blogs and update my abandoned blogroll very soon. Within this week, I promise. Just because I don’t blog here often doesn’t mean I don’t love you all.

Go. Read my other blog. Tell me your thoughts.

Free beer for all.


Comebacks And Undeserving Awards!

Wow, I needed that break. I feel refreshed and I have that urge to impart my nonsensical wisdom again. I think bloggers need a break from time to time to gather their thoughts and make a comeback, when things seem to go downhill as far as the quality of the posts are concerned.

Of course, few bloggers take a break because they embark on a journey from which there is no turning back – they get married.

There’s a lot of love happening in the blogosphere nowadays and I choked on my cheeseballs (Er, no puns, they were cheeseballs – the edible kind) when I heard that Vimal is no longer single. For ditching Club Singles, I am tempted to scream at him, but I’ll swallow my pride and wish him all the best.

Speaking about comebacks and marriages, Scorpria made a comeback yesterday, after a hiatus of 5 weeks. I won’t mince words – she got married. On behalf of everyone in the blogosphere, please accept my sincere condolences. But, I did like her comeback, though. I declare her the The Comeback Queen, and as a wedding present, I give her this very nice plaque (Er, I mean it in strictly non-dental terms).


Vimal and Smita gave me a few awards while I was away chasing sea monkeys:

  1. The Butterfly Award, for the coolest blog.
  2. The Proximity Blog Award, for investing and believing in proximity – nearness in space, time and relationships.


Gee, I’m honored, and I don’t know if I really deserve these accolades. A lot of people would agree with me and call me a cranky old hag.

As far as I’m concerned, everyone who blogs deserves this award. I think I’ll take the diplomatic route on this one and give away these awards to everyone who reads this post, but in particular, I insist that these five bloggers accept it. I’d like to draw the readers’ attention to these fascinating bloggers, who’re new to me:

  1. Valerine, who’s learning the ropes, and prefers to call me the Blog Guru, instead of the Love Guru.
  2. Alice, who wasn’t whom I thought she was.
  3. Hope, who’s quite ruthless.
  4. Kiran, who hunted me down on Facebook, and
  5. Shoe Girl, who owes me an email.

I am also supposed to do a couple of tags. I’m back to my one-post-a-day routine, now that I’m completely broke after my shopping escapades. Had a couple of yo-yo moments, obviously, which I’ll share soon.

Cheers to all! 🙂


This is the 100th post on MirrorCracked!

Perfect timing, because Vishesh just awarded me a couple of amazing awards! I am apparently a Certified Honest Blogger, and he has extended his hands in being Blogging Friends Forever! I humbly accept the award, my dear fellow, and we shall remain Blogging Friends Forever! I am honored! 😀

It’s my duty to pass these awards on to a few deserving bloggers, and I think this time, I shall be very selective in whom I award this to.

Scorpria, for being Scorpria; Aparna, for being my conscience; Shivya, for being elusive; and finally, Raji, for being rude. 😀


Now, let’s play a game, shall we? I was planning something interesting for the 100th post, and last night, I came up with an idea which involves everyone. I am going to spoof the Snow White fairy tale, and you’re going to help me do it. I will begin the tale and everyone who reads this, has to contribute in completing the story.

No word limits, no limits to the number of comments, no bar on language and most importantly, the story has to be funny. No serious shit. So, here goes:

nce upon a time, there lived a queen who wanted a daughter with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony. She prayed day and night for such a daughter and one fine day, nine months after a particularly raunchy night with the gardener, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

She had blood-red lips but the other two attributes were interchanged. Her skin was as black as ebony and her hair was as white as snow. The King and the Queen had decided to name her Snow White, but now,the name seemed ridiculous. So, they decided to call her Greyhound.

Grief-stricken, the Queen consumed poison and died on the occasion of Greyhound’s first birthday, and the next day, the King put up an ad in the Lonely Hearts columns, asking for an evil stepmother for his beautifully hideous daughter…

Now, continue the story while I enjoy the comforts of cloud Number Nine. !00 posts! Wow! Never thought I’d last this long! 😀

Thanks everyone!

August 20, 1984!

No, this isn’t a spoof of 1984. I like George Orwell very much! (Though, come to think of it, it could be quite an interesting title for a spoof!)

Few dates in the history of the world are as significant as August 20, 1984. The events that happened on that date are so earth-shatteringly uninteresting, inane and pointless, that they have changed the course of history completely by not playing a role in it whatsoever! Perhaps the most boring date in world history! 😀

I have tried to compile some of the events here that I am sure will make you wonder about the importance about this particular day and why this day was not removed from calendars across the world. Trust me, it’s worth a read! 😀

1. According to the Political Graveyard, on the 20th of August (not 1984), twenty-five United States politicians were born, none of whom are well-known, and most of whom are dead. Just one of these obscure figures was born on the 20th of August 1984. 😀

2. The Journal of Clinical Microbiology, which was released on the 20th of August 1984, which incidentally was Volume 20, contained a revolutionary research article titled, “Comparison of fluorescence polarization immunoassay and bioassay of vancomycin,” which paved the way for no further research on the topic. The authors of this paper probably lost their tenure and were forced to retire! 😀

3. At 7.00 pm on the 20th of August 1984, an appeal hearing was held in the Jonesboro country of Arkansas, which is probably the winner of the Most Boring Meeting ever held in the history of the world! 😀

4. On the 20th of August 1984, Ronald Reagan was boo-ed by a crowd while he was giving a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio and one member of the audience shouted, “No More Reagan! No More Reagan!” 😀

5. On the 20th of August 1984, the glorious world of Women’s Wrestling took a turn for the better, when reigning WWF Women’s Champion Susan Starr defeated Donna Christianello in Buffalo, NY! 😀

6. On the 20th of August 1984, Time Magazine’s 124th Volume was released and Sears and Cheryl Tiegs made the cover! 😀

7. On the 20th of August 1984, I was born.

Kris Bass has generously awarded me the Brilliante Weblog – 2008, and on this glorious occasion, I consider it my privilege to pass on this award to 8 other blogs that I consider worthy (worthier than me, definitely). They are:

[The rules specified that I could only pick 8 blogs for this one, so I am not taking anything away from all the others whom I have not mentioned above! Don’t hate me for this! If I could have, I would have nominated each and every blog on my blogroll and many more that I frequent]   🙂

I guess that covers most of the things that I wanted to say about this very special day, and to acknowledge an award that I don’t think I deserve.

Cheers! 🙂

PS: The great Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was born on the 20th of August 1944! 😀

PPS: This post has, very interestingly, exactly 20 hyperlinks!! 😀