If You Hate Someone

Warning: This might turn out to be quite a nasty post. I realized that I haven’t slandered anyone on the blog for the longest time. It’s time to introduce another asshole to the readers of MirrorCracked.

Of all the things I hate the most, I think I hate being talked about behind my back. Well, I know I can’t escape it, but when things that are said without being thought out and without consideration to the consequences, it irks me to no end. Oh, I’m not angry right now, as I write this. I am just wondering about the two¬† fundamentals of human emotion – love and hate. Isn’t it strange how you can love a person one instant and hate them the next? Of course, it’s a well-known dichotomy that people live with, but when it hits you in the face, you can’t help but wonder about the fragility about everything that was and everything that could have been.

Why the hell am I ranting so much? Does the asshole I’m referring to even realize that I’m ranting about him? I don’t know if the asshole even reads this blog, so I think I’ll have to email the link to the him.

Anyhoo, here’s the situation – I met an asshole in Bombay, who single-handedly made my week miserable and got away with it. I’m not a revenge-guy and I don’t really care about what happens to the asshole from now on. For all I care, the asshole can stand in the middle of the road butt-naked and punch a speeding bus in the face. But, interestingly enough, I realized that the asshole was just doing his job.

Most assholes are just doing their jobs, and in the process, they piss you off. From the goodness of my heart, I will excuse the bastard and let him lead his miserable excuse of a life. But here’s an open invitation to anyone who reads this: If you hate someone, and you want me to slander that person in my own fantastic way, then leave your comment here with a pseudonym of the person, his/her gender and the reason why you hate him/her. I will not disappoint you.