Blog Birthday: MirrorCracked Turns One Today!

In all my 6 years of blogging, never have I been so excited to celebrate a one-year birthday of a blog. But MirrorCracked has become more than just a blog – it’s become a way of life. I hope I’ve upheld the quality of writing all through these twelve months. There are a lot of people who are responsible for making this journey so overwhelmingly memorable.

I’ve met some fascinating people through this space. Everyone who knows me personally, professionally and online, know me a little better because of MirrorCracked. I got drunk celebrating this on Saturday, and caused quite a flutter on the streets of Bangalore. Thanks everyone! Never thought I’d last this long!

Ok, now the stats. Quite astonishing, I must say.



A total of 78,655 hits since March 16,  2008! That’s an average 6,600 hits a month. Wow! Each and every person who’s visited this blog since it’s birth deserves more than just a free beer – they deserve two free beers.

Calling For Testimonials: Call me a fisherman, but I want to know what you feel. I want to know what sort of an experience you’ve had with MirrorCracked, for however long you’ve been reading this blog. You could mail them to me, or you could just use the comment page on this post. Either way, I plan to publish all the testimonials on a separate post/page soon.

Once again, I thank you all! I’m off to get drunk! I suggest you do the same! 😀




Almost exactly a year ago, on the 16th of March 2008, this blog was born. It started off as an experiment in open, creative writing, and soon became quite well-read. Celebrating the birthday of this blog can be quite a task, and would involve the following:

  1. Thanking all the initial readers of MirrorCracked, without whom, it wouldn’t have been possible to come this far.
  2. Acknowledge all the major critics I’ve had on MirrorCracked.
  3. Write flowing eulogies to all you beautiful people on my blogroll.
  4. Create a set of awards to those bloggers who are close to my heart.
  5. Be a cliché and display the blog’s overwhelming statistics that have accumulated over the past year.
  6. List out and apologize to all the assholes that I’ve slandered on this blog.
  7. Create the new ‘Testimonials” page, to display all the testimonials I’ve received for the blog so far.
  8. Figure out more things to do, because I’m sure this list isn’t complete.

It’s quite a nostalgic week ahead. I’m humbled. I guess I don’t really have many words to describe it.

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