A Pretty KlueLess Christmas! :)

KlueLess 4

Consider this a “thank you” note for Apar, who made me realize just how much of a dufus I am. She introduced me to what is perhaps the best quiz ever devised by mankind – KlueLess.

KlueLess is an online quizzing game which is a part of the IIM-Indore annual fest Iris. Hugely innovative, the quiz challenges to test your extent of lateral thinking and general knowledge, and it is very very addictive. People have been stuck on this quiz for months together!

Forums have been started and articles have been written about KlueLess, which has a cult following across the globe, with more than 3 million hits in the first month of it’s launch!

I started off with KlueLess 4 a few days ago, and yesterday, I cracked all the levels. I was so excited that I plunged into the original KlueLess, launched in 2005. At 9 in the night, in between trying to write something special for a special stranger and trying to resist the temptation of going to a Christmas Ball, I cracked it. I was proud of myself, and today, I’m going to attack the second and third editions – KlueLess 2 and 3.

KlueLess 2, KlueLess 3

I recommend it to everyone. It’s an absolutely breathtaking journey into the unknown – with each question, your general knowledge rises a notch. I feel on top of the world now.

To whoever devised KlueLess, hats off! You have just made this beautiful world that much more interesting!

So, here’s where you can try them out:


KlueLess 2

KlueLess 3

KlueLess 4

Enjoy yourselves! While solving the quizzes, always remember that nothing is obvious and nothing is really that difficult. 🙂