Cash Back! :)

There’s one in every family!

I’m sure most of you have had this experience before. There’s this freaky guy whom I have had the misfortune of having a friendship with. According to him, we’re the “best-est of friends” and according to me, he’s an unwanted piece of garbage who just doesn’t know when he’s not needed and just doesn’t understand the fact that he’s a burden on this earth! I pity him. If you look at his face, the word “dumb” pops in your mind. His body fat is unevenly distributed, his eyes are lop-sided, his brain is in the wrong place, and he would be automatically entered into the mentally-challenged Olympics if he went anywhere near the venue! If he wasn’t dropped on his head as a child, I seriously wonder what sort of parenting he had to go through to turn out as he has.

I may be a bit too harsh on him, but that’s the way he is. I can’t help it. Would you believe that I’m actually down-playing this mentally-challenged embarrassment to nature who thinks I am his friend? 😀

Anyway, I had lent this guy two hundred bucks, a small amount considering the amount of money I make. This was over a month ago. He promptly forgot about it until I gently reminded him that he owes me. He immediately made out a check (cheque?) for two hundred bucks and gave it to me. Now, this was the first time I was handling a check for so less an amount and I was like, “Dude, it’s just two hundred! You can give me the cash when you have it. No hurry!”

So, he said, “No man, take it. I don’t want to keep you waiting!” I was surprised but hey, money’s money. So, I took the check and deposited it in my bank the next day. A week later, the check bounced! 😀

The bank charged me an extra penalty of 25 bucks for the bad check and I was mad with rage. I called up the dumb freak and said that his check had bounced and that he now owes me 225 bucks, for which he asked me, “What do you mean the check bounced?”

“There was no money in your account, you moron! The check bounced!” I said.

“Oh, ok,” he said and told me to come near some godforsaken building on some highway to collect the money.  I was a bit scared and was wondering if he was going to kill me in that secluded place and make it look like an accident or something. I had no idea how his under-developed mind worked. He finally showed up after making me wait an hour and handed the money over to me. I asked him why he called me so far away from civilization. Instead of replying, he put his hand inside his pocket and the gesture made me freak out. I was about to shout bloody murder, when he took out a cigarette and said, “For smoking, man! My folks don’t know I smoke so I come here often to smoke.”

I smoked one cigarette with the demented freak and went home, where my mom told me that she had gone to some wedding that day and that the demented guy’s family is related to us in some far far distant way! 😀

As I said, there’s one in every family, where the process of evolution stops for good!! 😀