Gully Cricket Season!

After recent events in the world of cricket, it’s that time of the year again, when Sundays are reserved for playing gully cricket! 😀

I have always been a cricketer, training under Brijesh Patel and Anil Kumble at the BPCA, starting at the tender age of 12. Now, it’s been almost three years since I held a bat in my hand and played the game, and yesterday, it was back to basics! In front of my house, there’s a good 20 yards of space to play cricket in, and when we were still young, innocent kids, the entire compound got together to play. I learnt how to play the game here, in front of my house, and yesterday, I walked down memory lane again.

I bought a tennis ball and dusted my old bat and coaxed my terrorist brother to abandon his studies and play with me. We started playing something called “short cricket” where the batsman can become out with a “pitch catch” and by hitting the ball out of the compound. We played for nearly three hours, with a cousin of ours, who stays close by also joining in. 😀

I had almost forgotten the quirky little things like calling out “Ball, please!” to passers by, whenever the ball went out of the gate and on to the main road; calling out “Fast Appeal!” whenever the ball missed my bat and hit the wicket; refusing to give up my wicket unless there was hard evidence that the ball hit the makeshift wicket; running behind the ball trying to prevent it from reaching the other end of the compound for a boundary; and all the other funny little things that kids do when they play cricket. 😀

We reminisced about the time when cricket in our compound was a major event – kids from all over the neighborhood would come to play here, we once had installed a 60-watt bulb through some very ingenious engineering and played through the night – our very own version of floodlight cricket! 😀

Oh, those were the days! We stopped playing when I hit the ball out of the gate and it landed inside a passing auto and the auto guy never realized it and drove away with the tennis ball inside! Bastard! 😀

Image Courtesy: The Hindu