Commenting Is A Privilege, Not A Right! Join The Revolution!

Go Ahead, Steal This Badge! 🙂

I’ve been blogging for five years now. MirrorCracked was created in April this year, after I closed down all my other blogs. Some of you have just started blogging and most of you are veterans already – been here longer than I have. There is a reason why people choose to blog.

Communication has always made our species different from the others. From smoke signals to text messages, we have come a long way, and somewhere along this journey, we have realized the importance of communicating effectively. Writing is one of the most respected art forms and bloggers are artists in their own right. We write stories, we emote, we ideate, we rant, we make others laugh, we make others cringe in disgust – all through the written word, which is displayed publicly, in an open forum where anyone can read and comment.

It is a channel through which we can make our creativity known to the world. It is a platform to share our joys, sorrows, opinions and views with complete strangers and build relationships with these strangers that many a time transcend borders, time, age and sex. People who blog are a closely-knit family who understand each others intentions for blogging and respect them for just being.

Some people take advantage of this.

There are instances where certain people are not satisfied with what they have and aspire for more and more. Greed and jealousy are emotions as primal as any, and the fact that we have evolved from being Neanderthals probably means that we have learned to curb these instincts. Sadly, evolution has stopped in many people who are still struggling to find out their place in the food chain. I used to call them as assholes and now, I discovered they are called Trolls.

Have you ever received a comment on your blog from a person who’s just being nasty, uses vile language and expresses his/her general lack of brains? That person is a Troll. Troll comments do not always go into the spam folder – most Trolls are a single person, using different names and different email IDs, and if the Troll is clever, he/she would use different terminals to avoid having the same IP address registered.

There are other ways a Troll can harass genuine bloggers. Some blogs in wordpress have this option where people can go and comment without having to log in. I could very easily pose as anyone and leave a nasty comment in a blog using someone else’s name, email and website. To avoid this, I urge all wordpress users to log in whenever you are commenting on others’ blogs, so that your picture is visible in the comments. WordPress users commenting on Blogspot have to use OpenID, and this can happen only if you are logged in. So, no worries there.

I am starting a movement here. I am sick and tired of getting Troll’ed. If you feel the same, then join me in this worldwide hunt to weed out Trolls from blogs everywhere. I am sharing the IP addresses of the Trolls that have harassed me so far. These IPs are already on my blacklist. Please add them to your blacklists too, and share the IPs of any Trolls that you might have encountered. We have to block out these fucking assholes.

I have created a badge that you can display on your blogs.

Always remember these two things:

  1. Commenting is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Trolls are human beings who have stopped evolving a long time ago.

Join me in making the blogosphere healthy again!

[Message to the Trolls who are reading this: Go fuck a hairy duck and get a life.]