Things To Do Before I Die

No, this isn’t just any other bucket list. This one’s unique. There are quite a few bucket lists floating around in the blogosphere (By the way, is the word ‘blogosphere’ extinct?). I’ve seen and read them all, and most of them follow a predictable formula – go traveling somewhere, see some sights, taste some foods,Continue reading “Things To Do Before I Die”

Simran Ebook Available For Download!!

IT’S TIME! Simran is now available for download! Please download it and read it and let me know how good or bad it is! Damn, I am so frikkin excited!! Click the nice little “Add To Cart” button below and you can use Paypal to buy the book. Oh, by the way, a lot ofContinue reading “Simran Ebook Available For Download!!”

A Marriage Made In Heaven?

I was having a fairly one-sided discussion about marriage and bonds with a friend of mine last night, and I was flustered to find out that my views border on pagan at best. Charles Templeton, in his book Act of God, has this to say about marriage: Marriage, is beyond question, the worst of allContinue reading “A Marriage Made In Heaven?”