Meme’d, again and again!

This month seems to be one for tags! I’ve been tagged thrice so far, this time by the veritable think-tank – Aparna Gonibeed. She created her own meme, perhaps after being inspired by my own insipid attempt to start a one, here. But, in all probability, this meme by Aparna will withstand the test ofContinue reading “Meme’d, again and again!”

It’s Love, Actually…

After a long, long time, a tag has come my way. Kris Bass, my queerest friend, has tagged me in this very interesting Q&A tag about love, and I will try to answer them here and pass on the tag. Two rules, though: RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers onContinue reading “It’s Love, Actually…”

Look into your spam queue and chances are that you’ll find some totally hilarious comment by some hilarious nutcase waiting to get approved! This morning, when I peeped into the Akismet spam inbox, this is what I found: Hmmm… Sounds like a serious case of loose bowels to me! 😀 Maybe this could beContinue reading “”

A German Tag!

I am not a German. I do not speak German. I don’t understand a word of German. However, Sandeep tagged me and here I am, dabbling in the nuances of German language, courtesy Google Language Tools! Here goes: Hey everyone! Ich war Tagged by Sandeep etwas zu schreiben, in irgendeiner anderen Sprache als Englisch! IchContinue reading “A German Tag!”